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How to play Black Ops 4-player split-screen against bots (Xbox 360)

A question we've asked, as well as seen come up over and over again with COD Black Ops is: "Can I play 4-player split-screen against bots"?

Many of the forum posts incorrectly say that you have to have Xbox Live and that you are limited to two-player split-screen if you want to play against bots.

The problem is, people confuse "Combat Training" with playing against bots. True, there are bots in Combat Training, but there are OTHER bots in COD Black Ops as well!

For me, personally, I like to have some buddies who don't have their own XBox come over once a week and play Call of Duty. But it gets old playing the 4 of us against each other (especially since the skill levels vary WIDELY!) With Black Ops, we can split the screen four ways and play on the same team, against multiple AI opponents.

In the Multiplayer screen, choose Local Split Screen. Then Edit Game Options. Where it says "Friends", set that up to 4 (it defaults to 1). Where it says Enemies (which is "Disabled" by default), crank it up to as many as you want to oppose. There are limits to how many you can fight, based on how many friends you have.

There you go! Now you can split screen 4 ways and play against bots. You can even set the difficulty of the bots! (Recruit, Regular, etc.)

Hope this helps you enjoy the game more!

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  1. I Do That, When I Get Into Local Splitscreen, It Says
    Start Match

    Change Map
    Change Gamemode
    Create Class
    Kill Straeks
    How Do I Get Bots?

  2. Me too

    Change Map
    Change Gamemode

    Create Class
    Kill Straeks

    But do we have to update the game?

  3. This article did not state the most important information, lol

    You have to connect your PS3 to Internet and download the game updates.

    And that sucks

  4. You have to log in to Xbox live and download a update to black ops! I had the same problem before i did it but now it works!

  5. where is edit game options after local split screen doesn’t come up or do I have to go into options first

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